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[01.14.15] My Coke Cards have 2 versions. First is the Philippines-released version via the Coolecticard promo (1996). The other set was manufactured by Collect-A-Card, the USA version.


This is the Coolecticards poster.

There were the "Gold Series" pack and the "Special Edition Cards" pack.




On December 9, 2013, I bought this complete set online not knowing that this is the one manufactured by Collect-A-Card.  Unfortunately, this does not include Card#100 (Checklist for Series 1). It contains 2 copies of Card#200 (Checklist for Series 2).





Almost all of the designs are the same except for 2 cards. The Philippines version replaced Card #117 with "Filipina Girl" and Card #289 with " MacArthur Bottle". (PH left/USA right)


With the Special Edition Cards of the Philppines, the card has a sparkle foil effect. Series 1 have six (6) cards with this effect - #s 5, 6, 37, 45, 50 & 54. Series 3 have two (2) cards - #s 217 & 232. Series 4 have two (2) cards - #s 322 & 326. (see example below - PH left/USA right)

The contents on the back are also the same aside from the year manufactured/trademark and the Collect-A-Card logo. (see example below - PH left/USA right)

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Since I already have the complete set (Collect-A-Card ver), I'm okay with not getting the PH version for the other ordinary cards. Also, Card #100 (Checklist for Series 1) does not count, right? Or does it?

Definitely, I would still be on the lookout for the following PH Coolecticards:

  1. MacArthur Bottle - Card # 289
  2. 1st Registered Trademark 1893 - Card # 5
  3. 50th Anniversary Calendar 1936 - Card #37 (got this on 11.20.14 from Marvin Pamplina)
  4. Candler calendar 1891 - Card # 322
  5. Clock face TV 1994 - Card # 326
  6. Checklist Series 1 - Card # 100 [got this on 01.23.15 plus 19 other PH cards]

If you have any of the above, please (oh pretty please) let me know at     c o k e @ s h a u i s a n t o s . c o m
*minus the spaces on the email address
*as of 05.02.2015



File is too big, I've decided to put this on separate page. :)

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